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We created Mayven to help teams build products, design storefronts and reimagine marketing efforts for the modern consumer. We work best when collaborating directly with product and marketing teams, serving as the engineering extension of their team to bring new projects and initatives to life. Here are the principles that guide our work:

  • Strategically Driven: Technology is part of a larger customer experience and must solve both consumer and business problems
  • Creatively Strong: Best experiences blend creative and technology equally
  • Intuitive: All experiences must be smooth and easy to use for both the end consumer and product owner
  • Built to Last: Engineering and technology solutions are architected from the onset for scalability

as the people in them

TOGETHER, We work to enhance
usability and delight

  • Digital Strategy:
    • Technical Architecture
    • Custom Build Planning
    • Design Strategy
    • Development Strategy
  • Design:
    • UX / UI Design
    • Campaign Assets
    • E-Commerce Web Design
    • Marketplace Design
    • Custom App Design
  • Campaigns & Content:
    • Custom ads
    • Digital animations
    • Digital assets
    • Email templates
    • Marketing Websites
  • Mobile Development:
    • iOS Development
    • Swift
    • Objective-C
    • React Native
    • Android Development
    • Java
    • React Native
  • Web Development:
    • HTML/CSS
    • JavaScript
    • React.js
    • Vue.js
    • Angular
    • PHP
    • Ruby
    • Python

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