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Software development is hard!

Mayven is a white label solution for all of your team’s development. We partner with product and creative teams world-wide to serve teams large and small with any software development. That means banner ads to custom enterprise software products. No project too large or small.

Why are you doing it?

We believe in focusing on your strengths. That’s why we are focused exclusively on helping our partners execute on engineering. You should be doing the same! Focus on your product, creative and brand needs and let Mayven worry about the implementation.

Having trouble growing and retaining your development team?

We’ve seen it before. An agency closes new business, but doesn’t have the right staff to actually deliver on the product. A product team needs to go to market with new campaigns but has no in house development staff. This is especially difficult if you aren’t located in a technology hub like Silicon Valley and the local talent pool is not as robust. Scaling a development team is hard, we know. With Mayven, you can rely on a team with capacity when you need us, and not have overhead when you don’t.

Or maybe you use freelancers. That’s great too, until they disappear.

We’ve all had that amazing freelancer - always on time, communicates great. They are a special find. The problem with relying on freelancers is that your projects often have a single point of failure. What if they decide to go on a vacation to Maui? Stop replying to emails? It pays to rely on a business rather than an ad-hoc network of contractors.

So you need someone you can rely on and trust.

Founded by software developers, we’ve spent years in the software development business earning the trust (and dollars) of teams of all shapes and sizes, from 10 employees to thousands. We’ve built great products for Fortune 100 companies and up and coming startups in every business vertical. Our experience pays off when the project is on the line.

Annual Expense Mayven In-house
Sr. Front End Engineer on-demand $105,000
Sr. Back End Engineer on-demand $145,000
Sysadmin on-demand $125,000
QA on-demand $85,000

Running a development team isn’t cheap. Minimize your overhead costs.

To create a robust engineering team for a small to mid-size creative team, you’ll need at a minimum 6 full time engineers, and likely more depending on how much digital work your team does and how product focused you are. That's going to cost you - to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. When you work with Mayven, you only pay for what you need. Partner with Mayven for professional development services at a fractional cost of a full time engineering team.

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Olga Mayven is a trusted, go-to partner for my team. The project management and communication is excellent, and Mayven helps us execute creative and technical projects seamlessly Olga Kazakova Director of Product Marketing at Indeed

Front-end and WordPress Development

I am always impressed when working with Mayven. Whether it's a quick and urgent task, or a larger initiative, I know I can rely on the Mayven team to complete the work on deadline and at the highest quality.

Kelsey It was great working with the Mayven team! Appreciate their communication and hard work. Kelsey Reddicks Digital Producer at STOPP

Custom Application Development

We have worked with the Mayven team on custom front-end development targeting mobile and the experience has been great. Mayven handled Front-end Development great communication and attention to detail on a very short deadline.

Joel I've been really impressed with the work Mayven has done for us. Their code is really clean, they pay attention to the little details, and they’re quick. They’ve been a great resource for our team. Joel Hubartt Design Lead at StudioScience

Custom WordPress Development

We've engaged Mayven to assist us with custom WordPress sites and the experience has been great. Mayven has handled both front-end and custom WordPress development with excellence. Communication is great and the end result is top notch.

Mitch Dedicated, responsible and focused, we highly recommend. Mitchell Orkis Chief Growth Officer at Frank Collective

Custom Application Development

When Frank Collective needs to go outside of our in-house team, Mayven is one of our go-to development partners. They have become an easy recommend to clients who are looking for a responsive and communicative group that doesn’t get bogged down in technical jargon.

Ben It's been great working with the Mayven team! I appreciate their communication and speedy delivery. Ben Standefer Head of Engineering at FirstRound Capital

Front-end Development

We have engaged the Mayven team on custom front-end development and the experience has been great. Mayven handled the development process with great communication. Their platform makes it really easy to see progress on your project from start to finish.

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