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This includes startups, tech companies and Fortune 500 clients. Check out Mixpanel and Indeed.com to see how we did.

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Why our customers love us

  • Mayven is a trusted, go-to partner for my team. The project management and communication is excellent, and Mayven helps us execute front-end develompent projects seamlessly. Olga Kazakova Director of Product Marketing at Indeed.com
  • Mayven has been a great technology partner. They have helped us build quite a few WordPress sites and they take great care of clients. Looking forward to the next project! Kevin Thompson Founder + CEO of NobleMouse Design Agency
  • We've had such great results working with the Mayven team. Look forward to the next project! Jason Chan Design Director at 1185 Design
  • We've engaged Mayven to assist us with custom WordPress Theme development and the experience has been great. Mayven was excellent at building a custom WordPress site with maintainable code and perfect design. Communication is great and the end result is top notch. Joel Hubartt Design Lead at StudioScience

How We Work

WordPress Development with Mayven typically follows a simple process...

  • We review your site designs (or we’ll help you create them)

  • We provide a fixed quote and timeline for delivery

  • Our expert team codes your front-end

  • Our expert team of WordPress developers builds the backend of the CMS in parallel

  • We QA & Test together for a perfect final product

  • Typical turnaround is in 15 days

Why WordPress?

Because people use WordPress to create:

  • 28% of all websites in the world
  • 59% of all content management system (CMS) websites
  • More than 500 new websites a day

Tens of millions of eye-balls (actually, times two) view WordPress sites every-single-day.

How ya like them apples?

Clearly, people are developing websites with WordPress more than ever before… and growing.

A few more stats:

Most popular content management systems
Usage Change since 1 Feb 2017 Market
Change Since 1 Feb 2017
WordPress 27.7% +0.3% 58.9% +0.3%
Joomla 3.3% 7.1% -0.1%
Drupal 2.2% 4.7%
Magento 1.2% 2.6%
Blogger 1.1% 2.3% -0.1%
Fastest growing content management systems since 1 February 2017
WordPress 561
Shopify 59
Squarespace 53

What started as a humble blogging platform

...now powers many of the largest players on the web:

WordPress is a powerful, full-featured content management system used world-wide by development teams of all sizes, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

Torquemag, a leading WordPress publication, has something to say about this, including:

And yet, there's still some misconceptions. Obviously, WordPress is a player, actually, the player, for developing content management systems (CMS).

Why YOU should consider WordPress

We threw some numbers at you. Many companies of all sizes are using WordPress to build and manage their content. A few reasons why:

Custom Themes

Build custom WordPress themes for your specific needs. This will help developers build faster, better CMS sites than using other tools or pre-built WordPress themes.

  • Custom Themes are custom-built code to make your site look great and work exactly as you need it to
  • No coding required to update to your sites. Just add content and use the custom theme
  • Custom Themes equip sites with different functions, page layouts, widgets and other visual presentations
  • Easily customize and extend features for your needs using core WordPress functionality


Since we’re talking extensibility and modularity:

  • Plugins are also encapsulated blocks of code to further extend site features
  • They’re easy to install
  • Choose from nearly 50,000 plugins, but...
  • Use them wisely. “Too many cooks in the kitchen” can cause conflicts and overhead.


  • Mobile design and rendering. Most WordPress themes and plugins are designed “mobile first”.
  • Reuse common elements, like header and footer plugins to appear on all site pages
  • SEO specific plugins exist where others have encapsulated functions to help search engines find you

These WordPress features will make and keep you SEO relevant, making it easier for people to find you on the web.

Documentation and Support

WordPress comprises a huge community of people to help you and your developers extend and use WordPress. You’ll never be alone. Not even close.

  • Themes and plugins are created by others
  • There’s usually great support for themes and plugins
  • Extend your team. Sure, you still need technical people to develop your corporate CMS. Less though than having to create everything from scratch.

Now that you’re convinced WordPress can (and perhaps, should) power your website… what next? Read on...

Out-of-the box or custom WordPress solution?

It depends. Oh please. Well it does, based on your needs.

You can select from 1000s of existing themes and plugins to quickly create a simple, usable, nice looking CMS. As we’ve said, the WordPress development community is huge. However, this approach will only get you so far and is best suited to smaller, more static sites for small companies with limited functionalities and limited marketing needs.

For your corporate business, best to build, or hire to build, your CMS. Pre-built themes are great for a simple or small-business site, but have limitations. Developing a custom theme will create exactly what you want and need. Of course, this requires you to have deep skills designing, developing and implementing WordPress sites.

Do you have these skills or experience in-house? Nope? Then it’s time to find someone who does...

That’s what we do at Mayven

Our core is to strengthen yours.

We help companies like yours remain focused on what you do best. Software development is hard. We’ll do the heavy lifting to design, develop and deliver your custom WordPress site.

Meanwhile, some...

Questions to ask a WordPress developer

You’re locked and loaded, ready to create your WordPress, CMS site. Good choice.

Here’s some questions to ask your candidate WordPress developer or contracting shop. Use these to help determine if they can build your CMS.

  1. What is custom theme?
  2. What makes up a custom theme?
  3. What’s your process for setting up a custom theme?
  4. How does WordPress generate new pages?
  5. Do you modify existing themes, or write them from scratch?
  6. Can you write front-end code and WordPress/PHP code?
  7. What are some best practices for creating and styling a WordPress theme?
  8. How do you create a custom page template?
  9. How do you ensure content on the template can be edited in WordPress?
  10. How do you include CSS and JS into a WordPress theme?
  11. How often do you use WordPress plugins?
  12. What are your favorite or most-used plug-ins?
  13. How do you make a custom WordPress theme menu?
  14. How do you edit this menu in WordPress?
  15. What is a WordPress loop? How does it work?
  16. What is a shortcode? Why use it?
  17. What is a widget? Will I need one?
  18. What are the steps to create a simple plugin?
  19. Have you created a master-child WordPress theme before? What are the steps?

Did they pass? Glowingly even? Oh my. Onward...

Increase your chances for success

Great. You feel confident in their technical skills to create your WordPress site. Here’s more to consider before building it:

Plan your project

Understand what to build before building it. Duh. You’d be surprised. So then:

  • Create and share your requirements and specifications with any candidate developers
  • Design first, the look and feel, before building your custom site
  • To customize a theme, or not? Most small business can use out-the-box themes. For bigger companies, let’s get real.
  • Include everyone. WordPress makes it easy for others to contribute content to your CMS, with little or no training.

Hire a team

Considering a team to build your CMS? Cool:

  • Send your project request and requirements to multiple teams/vendors
  • Ask for a fixed-price quote to know what you’ll pay
  • Ask to see samples of their work. Seeing is believing.
  • Ask for recommendations. Do call them, too.

You’ve got options

Decide on your best one. For instance:

  • Freelance WordPress developer
  • In-house WordPress developer
  • Contracted WordPress development team

If it helps, here’s a good read about real costs for hiring an employee versus a contract developer.

If nothing else

  • WordPress started as a blogging tool, and now...
  • Powers nearly 60% of all content management systems in the world… and growing
  • Loads of themes and plugins exist to create CMS sites quickly, but…
  • Better to create a custom theme to create a high-functioning, world class business or corporate CMS
  • Benefit from a global WordPress community to extend your team with tools, documentation and support
  • Find the right developer or development shop to build your CMS if you do not have these skills in-house. Ask the right questions, too.

We’re Mayven

Stop wrangling code, Mayven does it for you.

Not yet convinced that we’re the right team for you?

We know there’s a lot of choice out there.

  • 100% of our clients come back to us

  • We can start today if you have a rush project

  • You don’t need to jump through hoops to find a developer that will match your project

  • We have project managers that will take care of everything from start to finish

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