WordPress 24/7 Concierge

Think of us as your 24 hour butler Service for your wordpress site.

Mayven is a team of expert full stack developers who do more than just skinning themes. Our WordPress Concierge monthly maintenance packages mean that you don't have to worry about your WordPress site anymore. Our team of experts worries about it for you and helps you with preventive maintenance and unlimited small tweaks/updates.

We have 24 hour monitoring in place to act as your first line of defense when your site goes down.

We also help you with an unlimited amount of small updates that you need done to your site.

“We invested in a fancy new marketing website, but now don’t have anymore (or any time) to help maintain it or do basic updates”

...Sound familiar?

You spent a lot of time and money designing and developing the WordPress site for your business. Since your website is the main entry point for your customers, it is important to keep it up to date, fresh, and most importantly, not have any downtime that would prevent your customers from using your product.

But... “my in house developers hate making updates for me on my marketing site”

We get it! The WordPress marketing site you all built is not your core business, and your developers would rather being doing the important stuff (and the job they were hired to do) - building and improving your company's product.

Even if you WordPress theme is perfect, it still requires regular maintenance. Also, sometimes you want to be able to just update a photo on your home page, or add your new employee, Diane, to you about us page.

Stop worrying about maintaining and updating your company's WordPress site and try a Mayven concierge package.

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Working with the team at Mayven is not only productive, it's a joy. I know that all my WordPress needs are in good hands each month, and their downtime detection software seems to work great because our site is never down. It also is nice knowing that I can rely on them to make quick changes to our site. - Greg G, Dependa Solution

Imagine if all of your WordPress site updates just got done like magic

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Unfortunately, no theme is perfect. Bugs come up, plugins needs to be updated, and most importantly, you need to keep your site looking fresh and up to date.

This stuff is all to be expected for any business that uses their website as an entry point for their customers. A Concierge plan with Mayven will give you the flexibility to make as many updates to your site that you need, and also the security that your site is updated and won't experience any down time.

Like so many other business that used an agency of contractor to build their WordPress site, you've probably had a hard time getting updates done to your site after the final payment was sent. And your in house developers don't want to touch the WordPress site.

You could find another freelancer to help with your ongoing site updates but finding a good WordPress freelance developer is tough when there are a sea of "developers" who will do nothing but hack up your site and leave you in worse shape than you started.

This doesn’t sound like very much fun!

It's time to get back to you what you are supposed to be doing. You need a professional who can be your trusted resource to take care of your WordPress site so your team doesn't have to worry about it anymore.

All of your WordPress site updates, text changes, plugin updates, everything in between, whatever you need - all done.

Without having to lift a finger, or file another ticket with your internal dev team, or having to try to figure it out yourself.

Here are some sample tasks you can rely on Mayven Concierge for:

  • First responders if your site goes down
  • Fixing a bug a user is experiencing in a specific browser
  • Update a team member on your about page
  • Monthly security audits to make sure your site is safe
  • Adding a new page to your site

Say good bye to site down time

Our downtime detection system will alert us immediately if your site goes down. Our team of first responders is available 24/7 to help get your site back online.

If you want real coding that works and effective implementation - Mayven has got you covered. Keep up the excellent work. - Bob from Automated Design

Think of us like the insurance policy for your WordPress site.

  • Fast and Bug Free
  • 24/7 Downtime Detection
    And if your site goes down, we will be the first responders on the scene
  • Preemptive Maintenance
  • Stop worrying about your site
  • No More Security Alerts (they all come to us now!)

Never have that feeling of anxiety when your site goes down or when you need to make a change to your landing page before your next big ad campaign starts. Now you can feel refreshed knowing that Mayven has you covered.

Mayven WordPress Concierge: The Easiest Way To Maintain & Update Your WordPress Website

Mayven is a expert, concierge and preventive maintenance service for business of all sizes who have an existing marketing site built in WordPress.

As a WordPress Concierge customer at Mayven, we take over full responsibility for the maintenance, updates, and uptime of your WordPress site. You won't need to worry about your site anymore, and changes to your site are as easy as submitting a request through your customer portal (or via email).

  • Unlimited Fixes & Small updates

    Whether you need a bug fixed, a new page added to your site, or a cross browser issue solved, you can enjoy working with our fast and efficient team.

  • Crash Detection & Mitigation

    We install monitoring software to detect when your site goes down. In the event of down time, Mayven is the first responder to get your site back online - hopefully before anyone even realizes it is down.

  • We have amazing developers

    Concierge members get access to the créme de la créme of WordPress developers at Mayven.

  • Security Audit & Monitoring

    We make sure your site is safe and secure, both for your end users, and for the sake of your valuable business data and insights.

Our site had a huge surge of traffic because of a Hacker News link. Our site went down. Mayven was able to step in and quickly get us migrated over to a new server that was better suited for the concurrent traffic our site was getting. The concierge subscription is money well spent for my business because I know that I don't ever need to worry about my marketing site anymore. - Ryan, CEO at Whiteboard

How It Works

  • We install state of the art services and software to monitor and collect data about your WordPress site. We also install 24/7 monitoring and alerts to notify us if your site goes down.
  • Our developers constantly monitor the data we receive about your site and make appropriate updates and improvements in the backend to make sure your site is running smoothly.
  • You get access to a client portal where you can submit any tasks or updates that you need done to your WordPress site and we take care of everything from there.

WordPress Concierge Pricing

Easy Pricing Plans

An expert WordPress developer will be assigned immediately to your site

All Plans Include
  • 24 hour live chat & email support
  • Unlimited monthly requests
  • Proactive Upgrades and Updates
  • Downtime Tracking and Alert System
  • As fast as 15 hour turnaround time
  • Emergency Downtime Response In as fast as 5 minutes
  • $599 / month
  • 1 site
  • 1 request at a time
  • 3 Business Days to Complete Non Urgent Tasks
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  • $1599 / month
  • 3 site
  • 3 request at a time
  • 2 Business Days to Complete Non Urgent Tasks
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  • Contact Us
  • Unlimited Sites
  • Custom Plans
  • Expedited Response time to fit your exact needs
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