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MVP: Build. Only. What’s. Needed.

Mayven will build your Product and Iterate with you for long-term success. We've worked with startups like DroneVideos, NurtureLife, and Doxly to define, design, and launch their products.

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Why our customers love us

  • Mayven is a trusted, go-to partner for my team. The project management and communication is excellent, and Mayven helps us execute front-end develompent projects seamlessly. Olga Kazakova Director of Product Marketing at
  • When Frank Collective needs to go outside of our in-house team, Mayven is one of our go-to development partners. They have become an easy recommend to clients who are looking for a responsive and communicative group that doesn’t get bogged down in technical jargon. Dedicated, responsible and focused, we highly recommend. Mitchell Orkis Chief Growth Officer at Frank Collective
  • It's been great working with the Mayven team. They are an excellent, experienced and product focused team with deep engineering expertise. Ben Standefer Head of Product & Engineering at First Round Capital
  • I've been working with Nate at Mayven for a number of years now. They've done excellent work helping us with application development at Go Watch It, and I highly recommend their team. Very responsive and focused on getting the job done right and on time. Look forward to working together again soon! Priesh Damani CTO at GoWatchIt

How We Work

MVP Application Development with Mayven typically follows a simple process...

  • We review your site designs (or we’ll help you create them)

  • We provide a fixed quote and timeline for delivery

  • We architect and refine your minimum viable product features

  • Our expert team of backend engineers builds your application

  • We QA & Test together for a perfect final product

  • Go live in 2-3 months

Building a new product?

So… you got a great idea for new product and ready to build on it?

Nice. What next? I bet you’re wondering:

  • What features should it have?
  • How will those features make us money?
  • How do we decide what features to build and release for V1?
  • Who is going to build this for us?
  • How do we find the right people to build this for us?
  • How fast can we deliver this awesome product to the world?

All great questions.

Perhaps, you’ve heard about an MVP approach but don’t really understand what it is, and why you might consider it. Let’s shed some light.

To start...

What the hell is an MVP?

Well, that was subtle.

MVP = Minimum Viable Product

A minimum viable product is a technique for building a new product or website with just the minimum features to sufficiently satisfy early adopters.

This concept was popularized by Eric Ries, founder of Lean Startup and writer on startups.

Stated another way… an MVP is the the most pared-down version of a product for you to release to your users. An MVP:

  • Has enough value for your early adopters to buy and use version 1
  • Demonstrates enough future benefit to retain your early adopters
  • Provides a feedback loop to guide future development

Why build an MVP? So you can...

Build a little, learn a lot... to KNOW what to deliver

Otherwise, it’s a guess, and you may very well build the wrong product.

It’s already expensive to build software and websites. Why spend time, money and effort building anything but what users really want and need? This will happen if you design, define and refine features for a long time, in isolation.

Better, to use a strategic approach to...

Create a rapid feedback loop to learn, measure and build the RIGHT THINGS for your users.

There is one catch.

An MVP approach assumes your early adopters understand the vision and benefit for the final product. They must be willing and able to provide valuable feedback for you to benefit from the rapid build-measure-learn feedback loop described above.

Should you use an MVP approach?

Well... do these apply?

  • Is your application new or unique to the marketplace?
  • Do you need users to test and provide feedback for each product build?
  • Do you have a short timeline to deliver version 1?
  • Do you have a limited, initial budget to prove this is a viable product?
  • Are you looking to have someone invest in building the rest of this product, after seeing version 1 is worthy?

YES? By all means then… MVP IS THE WAY FOR YOU.

Now that we got that out of the way, how about...

Scaling your MVP

An MVP is meant to scale for building your full application or website. MVP will help you iterate over time to build and deploy your complete and correct product. MVP will guide you based on continuous learning, versus continuous guessing.

An MVP is a first release to help:

  • Attract attention
  • Build your brand
  • Increase usage
  • Increase demand
  • Increase end-user engagement

As early adopter enthusiasm rises, keep up the positive momentum by delivering more (and only) features your fans love. Grow your fan base by expanding your offering to new users.

Evolve your MVP

Perhaps you already delivered version 1. Good work for quickly:

  • Creating and releasing version 1 of your new product
  • Creating a rapid feedback loop to learn and build the right features
  • Building up momentum to engage your tribe

This took a lot of work. Pat-on-the-back. Now what?

You’re convinced to build, support and sustain this product over the long term. Time to think about how you will grow the product, the market, and perhaps your company to do this

With more users, more features comes more questions:

  • Is the app designed to be user friendly and intuitive?
  • Do we have skilled designers to do this?
  • How will the application architecture support this?
  • Do we need to redesign the app now for the long term?
  • Should we select a new database system?
  • How should we design the database to support more users?
  • Do we need to buy more servers?

… to name a few. This begs another question:

Is it in your core company skills to build this product for the long term?

It’s good to know your core skills to focus on what you do best. This will help you decide what to keep doing and what to outsource... like product development.

That’s what we do

At Mayven, we’ll use our core skills to help you develop your application or website.

Whether starting from the beginning or anywhere in the lifecycle of your MVP...

Consider these packages to help you develop and/or groom your MVP:

Prototype Package: $10K - $20K

Need to validate your new product idea? You provide a limited specification and/or design. We’ll build a simple application as a prototype to demonstrate and validate your product ideas. Use this to:

  • Determine if your product idea is viable
  • Gain acceptance from early adopters
  • Get potential customers to give you valuable feedback
  • Identify what features to build
  • Convince investors to give you money to build future releases, and...
  • Achieve all of the above for a known and inexpensive cost?

MVP Build Package: $30 - $60K

Beyond validation? Ready to convert your ideas into a real product? Give us the detailed specification and/or design (if needed, we can help create these, as an add-on). We’ll build an early version of your product, with the features asked for by your early adopters. We usually do this within 2-3 months. Use this to:

  • Design and build your product on a solid foundation, to...
  • Support, maintain and extend for future releases
  • Earn money from paying customers
  • Help you identify features for future releases
  • Gain attention, increase demand and build your brand

Full Product Package: $100k+

Does your application already have significant traction and acceptance? Perhaps, you built an initial product that already served its purpose? Regardless, you’re ready to build your product for the long-term. We’ll work with you to:

  • Determine scope, define requirements, and design the user interface
  • Design the product to scale and grow for long-term success, then…
  • Build, test and deliver your final and ultimate product
  • Iterate and maintain your product for the long haul

Mayven is here to build your MVP

Contact us now to help you determine your best option.

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If nothing else

  • MVP is a technique to build version 1 of your new product to satisfy early adopters
  • Use MVP to continuously learn versus continuously guess what users want
  • Use MVP to iterate over time to build the right features for your users
  • Identify your needs and core skills to know if you should build, or hire to build, your MVP and/or complete product

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