Nurture Life

Nurture Life is Subscription meals for your kids. Mayven and NurtureLife partner to create the leading subscription food service for families with children.

Subscription eCommerce

The Ask

The market for dinner-at-home meals and subscriptions faces rising competition. Efficiencies and superior customer experiences play critical roles in putting more food on more tables for emerging leaders like Nurture Life.

Nurture Life needed to take it’s eCommerce store to the next level with a custom application subscription eCommerce application that would engage and delight its customers. Paired with a best in class digital marketing engine powered by WordPress, the Nurture Life team has continued to scale their offerings to the entire US.

The Build

Mayven Development built an engaging user experience for new eCommerce subscribers to buy Nurture Life’s menu and meals. Front and center, the look and feel convey the wholesome, fresh selections for babies, children, and their busy parents with a UI that makes it easy to configure what can sometimes be a complicated offering.

Custom Marketplace

The Win

Nurture Life’s user experience unfolds a story with rich presentations of its products, testimonials, ratings, and expert endorsements that captures the user and brings them into the custom eCommerce application.

Mayven worked to build the marketing site and custom application that handles all of the business logic for the ordering system. The front-end and back-end are managed by Mayven—giving the freedom to focus on new products and customer acquisition.

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