Fame Bit is a YouTube marketing platform that enable brands to collaborate with YouTube influencers and create videos that are shared across the internet. Mayven partnered with Famebit to develop an Android application and websites

Custom Development

The Ask

Famebit.com by YouTube connects influencers with brands and media buyers. Products get spread to social networks as the creators share their unboxing or reviews, and they’re paid by advertisers based upon their reach.

Famebit needed a new website to sign up more creators and brands. An Android app was needed to enable a largely mobile network of creators, who use devices to record, edit and broadcast on their social channels.

The Build

Mayven developed the Android app in collaboration with the Google team. Users log in, can pitch brands on ideas, search for companies wanting to sponsor promotions, and manage accounts and payments.The website for Famebit addresses a wide-ranging audience. Mayven’s interface is quick, clean and simple to follow—keeping it readable to an all ages, all walks of life constituency.


The Win

Famebit launched its Android app and new website to strong favorable reception, quickly eclipsing thousands of downloads within weeks. The website stays true to the YouTube and Google brand families, deploying familiar fonts, colors, and icons that leverage the larger brands to the upstart's benefit.

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