What is your pricing structure?

We provide a custom quote for each project because each one is unique. When we have a very clear scope of work and deadline, we are able to provide a fixed cost and guaranteed delivery date based on the speed that you choose (standard, rush, or urgent). These projects are usually Landing pages, Email templates, HTML5 Ad Units, Static Sites, and standard WordPress sites.

If the project scope is more loosely defined or we are working in either a sprint-based or agile project method, then we will provide an estimate and bill based on actuals (time & materials). These projects are usually Web Applications, Mobile Applications, Complex WordPress Sites, Custom Content Management Systems, Custom Programming, or complex animations.

How are projects managed?

We manage all projects through Production Flow. Through Production Flow, we manage all project-related communication, project briefs, tasks, and invoicing. You will have the ability to add as many team members as you want to the project, and all communication through the platform ties directly to your email.

What is the standard process for a new project?

After you submit a project, we will work with you to get all of the necessary background information that we need to put together a quote - usually super fast. Our typical project process would be the following:

  • Review and Provide background about your project
  • Receive quote from your Account Lead
  • Development Brief creation (includes all project details, views/page templates, timeline, and invoice schedule)
  • Development Brief approval
  • Production (lead by your dedicated Technical Project Manager)
  • Quality Assurance Testing (internal & client testing)
  • Final Acceptance Testing
  • Project Delivery / Launch

Once a project has been delivered, we will hand the project off to you for ongoing maintenance, or moved into a custom ongoing support plan. For additional project requests or future projects, you can either directly contact your Account Lead or create a new project in Production Flow.

What can I expect in terms of turnaround?

Your project delivery will be based on the scope of the build, and we evaluate the scope based on the following criteria, whether your project is a front-end request or custom application for your business:

Front-end & JavaScript

  • Number of Views
  • Complexity of the Design & Length of Pages
  • JavaScript: Complexity of animations, any custom JS work
  • Your desired delivery deadline! If you have a hard deadline, please let us know and we will create a project timeline that backs into that specific date. Project costs will be adjusted for “rush” or “urgent” project timelines.
  • We code super fast, so for requests that you need, like...NOW...Let us know and we'll get it done!
  • Average project timeline is 1-3 weeks

Content and Marketing Sites

  • Number of Pages and Unique Page Templates
  • Complexity of the Design & Length of Pages
  • Complexity of animations and any JavaScript
  • Customization of the content management system. By default all content will be editable, but custom features may require additional programming time
  • Your development timeline.
  • Average project timeline is 2-3 weeks for simple marketing sites, and up to 2-3 months for larger content builds

Custom Web and Mobile Applications

  • Need for technical architecture, strategy & planning
  • Design phase — are designs provided or do they need to be created?
  • Complexity of the design layer
  • Complexity of backend implementation (business logic, features/functionality, integrations, etc.)
  • Quality Assurance and User Acceptance Testing
  • Deployment Process (e.g. Deployment to the iOS app store will require additional time)
  • Your desired launch date!
  • Average project timeline is 2-4 months for initial development, with ongoing support available

Where are your team members located?

We are a remote-first company and we prioritize the best talent over geographic location (not to mention we all love to travel!). Our team is distributed across the globe, which helps to make our projects more efficient, since we can fully leverage multiple timezones and get things done fast without sacrificing quality. That said, to stay closely aligned with U.S. business hours (coast to coast), our leadership, technical project managers, and engineering managers are located in the U.S.

How is Mayven different from a freelancer network?

Great question! While we are a remote-first company, all of our team members are in-house and believe in doing great quality work for great clients over the long haul. Each project will have a dedicated Technical Project Manager, so you won’t have to worry about managing the actual development tasks or quality assurance testing.

We work with you to understand your business goals, fill in the gaps, and translate your vision into something that our team can bring to life through code. Our relationship with you starts with your first project, and our goal is to be your go to development team for life.

Do you offer design services if I also need help with design?

We do! We are happy to work with you on wireframes and UI Design, should you need those services. Our common use cases for providing design services include custom web application design, native mobile application design, and mobile comps for clients who provide us with desktop designs and need assistance with the mobile version.

We are an engineering focused company, so we provide design as a solution for improving your business and ultimately software development, and not an end in itself. This means we focus on UX/UI design for websites and software applications. If you need design services such as branding, style/brand guidelines, content strategy, or illustration/custom graphics, we have a number of amazing design partners we can recommend.