Re-launching Mixpanel

After many hours of work and amazing effort from the Mixpanel and Mayven teams, we’re excited to announce the relaunch of the website!  With…


Tips For Designing Better Mobile Typography

Mobile is big right now. But often the typography is small. When it comes to creating great type on small screens, there are plenty of…


7 Tips for Choosing the Best Web Font for Your Design

There’s no way to quantify all of the font options available for website designers. Almost every day a new typeface shows up in my inbox…


How To Balance Text and Visual Content in Design

We’ve all heard the phrase “sex sells” but when it comes to design, what does the selling? Text or images? The reality is that both…


Designing Without Images: Making Typography Work For You

You don’t need a great image for every design project. In fact, you can create a great design with no images at all. It’s a…

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7 Tips for Designing a Better Checkout Page

With the holiday season right around the corner, many of us will be doing some shopping online. (OK… maybe a lot of shopping!) The checkout…

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Form Building from a Designer’s Perspective

When people think of beautiful web design, form building isn’t usually the thing that comes to mind. But for the crafty designer, form design creates…


10 Tips for Designing Icons that Don’t Suck

Almost every designer is thinking about app design these days. One of the smallest features of every app is the icon used to represent it…


How to Hold a Meeting That Gets Everyone Excited About Design

The dreaded project kickoff meeting. It’s on your calendar. You can’t avoid it. But you can make it a more memorable event that helps generate…


Do You Need a Style Guide?

It’s a simple question: Do you need a style guide? And it has a simple answer: Yes. Any brand, company, blog or webpage that wants…


10 UX Phrases and Terms to Know Right Now

It seems like the world of the web – and web design – is changing every few days. Trends, new techniques and users who demand…

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How to Design an Email People Will Actually Read on Their Phones

Email marketing is one of the most popular ways to reach an audience. Wait, that’s probably not new information. But did you know what a…

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25+ Awesome Responsive Blog Designs

Hire Mayven for Your Responsive Blog Design Project One of the very first steps that you should take in any major redesign is to get a…


The Difference Between UI and UX

 Hire Our Expert Developers In today’s creative and technical environment, the terms “UI” (User Interface) and “UX” (User Experience) are being used more than ever….


Mobile First Design: Why It is Great and Why It Sucks

Design & Build Your Mobile App Historically, most web designers and their clients have approached the desktop side of any project first, while leaving the…


5 Really Useful Responsive Web Design Patterns

Like these design tips? You’ll like our developers more. Learn more about our Front-end Development Team. Responsive web design requires a very different way of thinking…

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How to Build a Minimalist User Profile Layout with Content Tabs

Like these design tips? You’ll like our developers more. Learn more about our Software Development Team. Dynamic content is a big part of modern web design….

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Should We Kill The CAPTCHA?

Do you like CAPTCHAs? Don’t lie, of course you don’t. On a fun scale, you rank them right up there with dentists and IRS agents….


10 Tips for Designing for Wearables and Watches

Every day we are getting a little closer to the release of the highly anticipated Apple Watch. The device is going to further change the…


50 Shades of Black: Effective Use of No Color

Like these design tips? You’ll like our developers more. Learn more about our Front-end Development Team. There has been a bit of debate stirring on the…


10 Ways to Use Mapping in Web or App Design

Almost everywhere you look these days, you find a map or location-based nugget of information. Almost every app asks for a location and it is…